Friday 20th November 2015

Copyrights Victorious at the Light Fund Quiz

The licensing industry took over the Emirates Stadium's Royal Oak room last night - and raised over £15,000 for charity at The Light Fund London Quiz, a record amount.

The sell out event, held at Arsenal FC's prestigious stadium for the first time, brought together over 350 members of the licensing fraternity as 45 teams battled it out to win the much-coveted trophy.

The supreme victors of the eight round quiz was the team from Copyrights, which entered under the prophetic team name of Copy-MIGHTS.

At the other end of the scoreboard, the recipients of the magnificent Pants Of Doom (for coming bottom), was Global Licensing. (See below for the other teams' positions).

Rainbow Productions won the prize for best team name with its The Furry Arse N'Alls moniker.

It was certainly a night of triumph for The Light Fund charity. Sharing the good news with the thronging crowd at the Emirates Stadium, Danilo's Trevor Jones, chairman of The Light Fund (and co quizmaster) said: "Tonight, we have raised over £15,000, which is a record for this event. This makes 2015 the best year ever for The Light Fund, with a massive £150,000 having been raised over the last 12 months." Putting this into context, he shared how this impressive sum will be put to very good use. "We will be able to fund projects with approaching 30 registered charities and make a difference to thousands and thousands of people in the UK and overseas."

Leaving the audience with some food for thought, he concluded: "Since we started the charity 11 years ago, we have now raised £885,000. Wouldn't it be nice to get to the £1million next year?!"

Sponsors of the Quiz included Allsorts, Amscan, Bionic Communications, Blueprint, Blues, Brand Licensing Europe, Bulldog, Kinnerton, Max Publishing, Rainbow Productions, Rocket, Ryker Sear, Start Licensing and Warner Bros.

The Teams Score Sheet

. 1st Copy-MIGHTS! (Copyrights) - 150pts
. 2 nd Dick Rattles - In memory of Richard Latter (Guide To Licensing World and friends) 144pts
. 3 rd The BLC Blaggers (mixed team) - 143pts
. 4 th The Twits (DRi Licensing) - 140pts
. 5 th The Knowledge (mixed team) - 138pts
. 6 th The Furry Arse N' Alls (Rainbow Productions) - 136pts
. 7 th 4th Place isn't a Trophy (Danilo) - 135pts
. =8 th Brains (ITV Studios) - 133pts
. =8 th Commando Network (Turner) - 133pts
. 9 th Out of Con-Troll (DreamWorks) - 132pts
. =10th Bob's Builders ((Mattel) - 128pts
. =10 th Zeon! (Zeon) - 128pts
. =10th Lilywhite Legends (Tottenham Hotspur) - 128pts
. =10th The Squirrels (BBC Worldwide) - 128pts
. 11th Can We Win it? Yes We Can (Mattel) - 127pts
. =11th Norfolk & Chance (DHX/CPLG) - 127pts
. =11th Turtle Heads (Nickelodeon) - 127pts
. 12 th Who Let The Dogs Out (Bulldog Licensing) - 126pts
. 13 th Gunner Get Quizzical (Immediate Media) - 125pts
. 14 th Beds, Socks and Broomsticks (Roy Lowe) - 122pts
. =15 th Simple Minds (Cooneen and Rocket) - 121pts
. =15 th Colonel K's Cadets (FremantleMedia) - 121pts
. 16 th Beef Sandwich (WOW Stuff, Amscan, Love Productions) - 119pts
. 17 th Chafing the Dream (Imagin8 and Bon Bon Buddies) - 118pts
. =18 th The Soup Dragons (Coolabi) - 117pts
. =18th We Like to Come from Behind (Underground Toys) - 117pts
. =18 th Master Mind Candy's (Mind Candy) - 117pts
. =18 th The Bumbles (Advanster) - 117pts
. =19 th Topps Quiz Attax (Topps) - 115pts
. = 19 th The KDS (KD UK) - 115pts
. = 19 th Quizpicable Me (Fashion UK) - 115pts
. = 20 th Highbury Hoodies (Jazwares) - 114pts
. =20 th No gbi2i Deer (GBeye and i2i Events) - 114pts
. 21st Quizzically Challenged (Fashion UK) - 112pts
. 22 nd Corpus Christi College Cambridge ((DHX/CPLG) - 111pts
. 23rd What A Load Of Pony (Hasbro) - 109pts
. 24 th Maestromind (Vistex) - 108pts
. = 25 th eWonders (eOne) - 107pts
. = 25 th Blues ((Blues Clothing) - 107pts
. 26 th We Know Nothing John Snow (Trademark Products) - 100pts
. 27 th Champion's League - You Are Having A Laugh (Smith & Brooks) - 97pts
. 28 th Our First Quiz (Forever Collectables) - 96pts
. 29 th Good In Bed (Character World) - 94pts
. 30 th Global Girls (Global Licensing) - 86pts
. 31 st Taking Care of Quizes (Global Licensing) - 67pts

For more information about The Light Fund charity go to





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